8cloud Key Features

  • A cloud-based platform for aircraft damage assessment
  • Automatic upload of dentCHECK scans
  • Detailed reports – create, share and store
  • Interface to common Maintenance Software systems
  • Asset Management & Health Monitoring of Scanner
  • Storage and access of inspection data from 3rd party measurement devices
  • SRM-compliant defect reports – create, share and store

How do I use 8cloud to get my job done?

  • Manage your Data – Projects, Scans, Reports, Tasks
  • Take the Aircraft into the Cloud – Annotate and Measure on the real 3D Surface Data, create detailed Reports
  • Define User Tasks and Execute them on the dentCHECK Tool
  • Share your Results within your Team or with external Contacts

Data Security

  • Encrypted Connections – for all scan data and access to the cloud
  • Redundancy Planning – daily backups and different server locations
  • User Level Access – custom authorization levels within your company

Minimize your worries – save time & money

8cloud saves you significant time and money, that is otherwise spent on recurring IT maintenance, server administration, knowledge transfer and update handling. 8cloud is offered by 8tree as a SaaS and PaaS. Therefore, your organization can avail of the benefits of 8cloud without worrying about the significant IT overhead of replicating such capability in-house, e.g. you do not need to: handle your own servers, 2. manage additional services in your company, 3. ensure data integrity and backups, 4. maintain the servers and manage increasing storage demand